“The best Western ever”…, I read on the internet and a real MUST. Well, normally this does not get me off my couch, with all these TV channels plus a tablet on my African wooden table. A DVD one day for ten bucks will do…gives me the pleasure to see the film a few times and stop it in between or skip the horrible killing scenes. But then the OSCARS and then 2 for Austria – well done Folks  – why not go NOW and watch the film on a big screen with a very good sound system which I cannot afford for my own living room!
In short: The cinema was more or less empty, no waiting queues. We had the cinema for ourselves. A really cool film with many obvious allusions, a smart and playful mixture of various genres including Romeo und Julia (love), Killing fields (Bury my heart at wounded knee – I did not see one Indian in the film) and last not least the DEVIL himself, well played by LDC. The mixture of three motives love, death and devil…well, the director had my attention.
I laughed a lot when ignorance meets education, not to say “Old Europe” meets the “New World” (George Bush). Obama and Michelle will love this film, having digested LINCOLN! Good on them!
The fairy tale ending with the  black hero pop star reuniting with his beloved Black Beauty wife…finally riding North towards Chicago out of Mississippi…really well done. I hope they managed to stay out of the coming Civil War.
Bob Dylan’s The times, they are a changing would have been too much, but I listened to one of my favourites before I fell asleep at home…