Another Octoberfest again – Brisbane, 2015.

Oktoberfest for Teens Brisbane

As you may have noticed, we, at the Oktoberfest for Teens, absolutely love the German Christmas Markets. We’ve talked a lot about what they are and where to find the best ones, but, in running with the winter-activity theme of this week’s Infosheet, we thought we would tell you a little bit about how Christmas Markets came to be.

Did someone wake up one morning and decide that having stalls with food and presents before Christmas was a profitable business opportunity, map out a business plan and get to work? Not quite…

The history of Christmas Markets dates back to the late Middle Ages in Germany. Back in these times it was common to have seasonal markets throughout the year and particularly the markets in the winter months were welcomed among the villagers, as it added some light to the long winter nights. The first Christmas Markets were not much…

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