Views from HH / not mine, though 🙂

Geek Mädel

On Wednesday evening I attended my first work function – a 3 hour harbour cruise hosted by a vendor, who provided us with large amounts of alcohol and good food for reasons I’m still trying to work out. The cruise did, however, provide a great opportunity to take some pictures whilst sailing around the Elbe. Pictures I could not have possibly taken from land. I didn’t even think about the photo opportunities that this cruise might give me, so I didn’t bring my large camera with me, all I had was my iPhone, but I was really impressed with the quality of the pictures I was able to get that required no editing or filters whatsoever.

The sun starting to set over the Elbe

The clouds creating a gorgeous effect

The shipyard as seen from underneath a huge container ship

The shipyards at sunset

The sky turning pink as we…

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