Dear Yanis,

(Added after 48 hours:
As my letter to the Honorable Minister of Finance Mr Yanis Varoufakis is still waiting for moderation, I copy from one of the latest posts which were published on his BLOG today, 30th JUNE 2015:
QUOTE and not my text: “The global financial mafia through its representatives (IMF, ECB, European Commission) refused to increase liquidity to the Greek banks….” (end of QUOTE)
Are these the letters you wish to receive?

Here my post as stated 48 hours ago (Your moderation team does not have to publish this, as I have my own WordPress BLOG).

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(Yours Peter H Bloecker on the evening of 30 JUNE 2015, Australian time)

“Having followed the media reports AND YOUR BLOG over the last few weeks if not months:
How can you state re referendum of “the Greek people” that they will agree although your government advises them NOT to agree?
This is foul play (Shakespeare).
This is pure poker gaming with a clear intention: We want to achieve as much as possible from the “EU states” (id est here their “institutions” like Euro-group).

– Generally speaking a lot of people in Greece and the EU must be confused. What exactly do you want them to decide on? Based on what information? With what intention?
– Many people do not know what is going on behind the curtains / they cannot know what you and other leaders know.
– The idea “trying to humiliate the population of Greece” is just cheap propaganda to influence people instead of informing them.

I do not consider myself being competent enough to judge what is happening in the EU and Greece, however what I do understand is:
– This BLAME GAME is not the way to resolve a problem.
– Your view expressed from ATHENS is a “limited view” with intentions and a purpose to get as much out of the EU as possible.

– Who is going to pay for the debts that have accumulated?

– Do you agree that a debt cut without any conditions would encourage a nation to keep going without making any changes (why should they)?

Be reasonable and consider the views of other leaders in the EU and their people and what they stand for / have been voted for.
Pls consider the possible damage for the people of Greece and the peoples of Europe and go back to the table where reason and argument and respect MUST be POSSIBLE.
You are an educated and most privileged man yourself. Stop this game and come back to real negotiations which are fair for all players and stop this foul game.”
KIndly yours
Peter H Bloecker from Burleigh Waters, QLD Australia