This is Australia calling …

Credit phb Credit phb Credit phb Another great weekend at the Gold Coast. Visiting a private garden plus the SWELL at Currumbin and today on Tue 20 Sep 2022 paddling with the BOBs The Burleigh Old Boys. Best wishes from Queensland Land Of The British Queen since Victoria Yours phb Credit phb Credit phb MINOLTA …

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Two rivermen are remembered by Mabel Persson -2- Ted Humphreys

Very good Blog and well written, thank you Peter Ludlow from Brisbane QLD Australia.

Moreton Bay History


As a youngster I lived at Wynnum, and used to love going over to Myoraat The One Milewith my Uncle Ted Humphreysand his wife in their boat, “Mersey”.This was in the 1920s and it was mostly sailing boats then, and on the Christmas and Easter holidays about a hundred of them would sail to the One Mile and anchor there.At night it became a tradition for them to have hurricane lamps alight all the way up their stays and on their masts.We used to call this the Lantern Festivaland the scene was like a small town with all the boats anchored together.It was never rough there and the boats were tied onto each other so that we could walk from one to another.The boats were mostly small, and Ted’s “Mersey” was the biggest at 36 foot.There were plenty of fish in the Rainbow Channel then and Ted…

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Fingal Bay NSW This text on the Blog SunriseToday has a lot of information around the northern borders of NSW and QLD: Tweed Heads is opposite the river in the north and Kingscliff a few km heading south ... for us day trips like on a Sunday. Thank you for footage and text ... Yours Peter

Daily Struggle || Täglicher Kampf

Where have all the flowers gone?

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Daily Struggle || Täglicher Kampf
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Soldaten unterscheiden sich in ihrer Person und ihren Herren. Sie sind zu oft zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort.

Kein Soldat ohne Herr.

Wehe dem Land, das Helden braucht! Seit Sparta …(BB)

Der Herr bleibt gepflegt zu Hause und laesst sich berichten …

Aber die Soldaten sterben taeglich und immer wieder.

The Masters Of War (Bob Dylan).

Viele Soldaten sind jung, und alle sind Kinder.

Sie alle haben eine Mutter und einen Vater.

Where have all the flowers gone? (Pete Seeger).

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